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the four leaf.jpg

The Four Leaf

Sometimes you crave something a little different. The Four Leaf brings a piece of Ireland's renowned hospitality to Harrogate. From the deep, polished wood to the perfectly poured Guinness, it's like a little getaway tucked away in town. If you're up for some cozy vibes, friendly banter, and maybe even a jig if the music strikes, this is a must-visit for a slice of the Emerald Isle.


This place is a haven for authentic Thai flavors. They serve up delicious dishes in a sleek and contemporary space decorated with traditional Thai artwork. Reviewers rave about their friendly service and the fact that their curries are bursting with flavor. If you're looking for a true taste of Thailand, this is the spot.

Haks Little Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant.jpg

Craving delicious Cantonese food with a dash of excitement? Haks is the place! Their open kitchen lets you watch the culinary magic happen. Expect fresh ingredients, sizzling dishes, and a taste of Harrogate's famed Royal Baths legacy. Perfect for a tasty and entertaining night out.

Imperial Palace Restaurant.jpg

This casual restaurant offers a great all-you-can-eat buffet experience. Their dishes are cooked fresh to order, so you know you're getting quality food. It's a perfect spot for a relaxed and social meal, with a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

Domo Japanese Cuisine.jpg

Looking for authentic Japanese flavors with a welcoming vibe? Domo's your answer. They use fresh ingredients to craft delicious sushi, bento boxes, and other Japanese specialties. Reviewers love their friendly service and beautifully presented dishes. Domo is perfect for a relaxed and satisfying Japanese dining experience.

Orchid Restaurant at the Studley Hotel.jpg

Orchid Restaurant at the Studley Hotel

This upscale pan-Asian restaurant serves up innovative and modern takes on classic dishes. They use fresh, high-quality ingredients and their presentation is beautiful. The stylish decor sets the mood for a truly special dining experience. Perfect for a romantic night out or a celebratory meal.

Spice Culture.jpg

Spice Culture brings a modern twist on classic Indian cuisine. They offer both Indian tapas for sharing and flavorful curries, biryanis, and more. Their focus on fresh ingredients and creative flavor combinations sets them apart, making it a great choice for both those familiar with Indian food and those wanting to explore new flavors.



William & Victoria.jpg

A blend of classic elegance and welcoming warmth – you'll find both a cozy bistro downstairs and a sophisticated dining space upstairs. They've nailed those British comfort dishes. Think perfect fish & chips, hearty pies, and a Sunday roast that'll make you want to move in.

The Inn at Cheltenham Parade.jpg

The Inn at Cheltenham Parade

Cozy and welcoming. Feels like having a delicious meal in a friend's home (if your friend happened to be an amazing chef). Their Sunday lunch is legendary. Huge portions, done to absolute perfection! Plus, the varied menu means there's something delicious for every taste.

Yorkshire Tapas at The Blues Bar Cafe.jpg

Laidback and lively, especially with the frequent live music. It's fun and perfect for sharing. Tapas, but make it Yorkshire! They bring local flavors and ingredients to this classic style of eating – it's so creative and delicious.

Major Tom's Social.jpg

Major Tom's Social

Buzzing and vibrant with a focus on shared plates and fantastic cocktails. Perfect for a fun night out. They've nailed that relaxed but delicious small plates experience. Expect creative dishes perfect for tasting and sharing, plus a lively atmosphere.

The IVY.jpg

The Ivy Harrogate Garden

Swanky and stylish, with a gorgeous outdoor terrace. It's the perfect spot to feel a bit fancy! The Ivy is the place for modern British cuisine with flair. You'll find inventive dishes alongside those iconic classics. Plus, their cocktails are works of art.

The Pine Marten Harrogate.jpg

The Pine Marten Harrogate


This stylish gastropub is all about relaxed, refined dining. Think exposed brick and comfy seating. For elevated British pub grub, you can't go wrong. Expect top-notch ingredients turned into flavorful, beautifully presented dishes.

Bars & Pubs
The Harrogate Arms.jpg

The Harrogate Arms

It’s the modern twist on the local pub that you didn’t know you needed. With a fantastic draught range, including local cask ales and craft beers, it’s a paradise for beer enthusiasts. Their extensive gin selection is the cherry on top. Why visit? It’s the perfect blend of contemporary vibes and traditional pub warmth.

The Fat Badger.jpg

The Fat Badger

A Harrogate institution and an absolute classic! The Fat Badger has this cozy, old-world charm you can't find anywhere else. The food is top-notch too think hearty pub grub done with finesse. Anyone looking for a proper British pub experience. They usually have a great selection of ales on tap as well.

The Den.jpg

The Den

Hidden and exclusive. Speakeasy vibes meets stylish cocktail lounges – this place oozes cool. Gourmet small plates and sharing boards designed to complement their drinks perfectly. You'll feel like you're in on Harrogate's best-kept secret. The Den is for intimate catch-ups and special occasions.

Hales Bar.jpg

Hales Bar

Stepping into Hales Bar is like taking a trip back in time. As the oldest bar in Harrogate, it offers a great selection of ales and fine food. The historical ambiance is palpable, making it a must-visit for those who love a side of history with their pint.

Little Ale House.jpg

Little Ale House

A gem for ale lovers, this

micro-pub prides itself on a warm atmosphere where good conversation takes center stage. No TVs or background music here, just the joy of great company and even better drinks.



Music lovers, this is your heaven! Live music, rocking cocktails, and neon lights – think good times guaranteed. It's more about the small plates and sharers designed to keep you fueled for a night of dancing. Get ready to let loose! MOJO is for when you want a night you'll never forget (or maybe you will, if the cocktails are good enough).

cold bath brewing 1.jpg

Cold Bath Brewing Co

Cold Bath Brewing Co. isn't just a place to grab a pint, it's like stepping into Harrogate's brewing scene. You might catch a glimpse of brewers at work, smell the malts in the air, and strike up a chat with someone just as passionate about beer as you. It's the ideal place for anyone who appreciates the craftsmanship of brewing and enjoys that lively, buzzing taproom vibe.

Blues Bar Cafe.jpg

Blues Bar Cafe

For the music lovers, this cafe offers a lively scene with live music to complement your drink. It’s the place to be if you’re looking to tap your feet to some blues while sipping on a cold one.



New York City loft vibes in the heart of Yorkshire! Exposed brickwork, neon signs, and a touch of industrial chic. Bottomless brunch is their thing, but the American-inspired menu is tasty any time of the day. Manahatta is THE place to be if you're after an all-out party. Great cocktails, perfect for groups, and always a lively atmosphere.

Cafe & Tea House
Bettys Café Tea Rooms.jpg

Palm Court Cafe

Stepping into Bettys is like taking a trip back in time to 1919 Harrogate. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience. The charm of the traditional afternoon tea, complete with delicate finger sandwiches, fluffy scones, and an array of petite cakes, makes Bettys a timeless classic and a cherished destination.

The Cambridge Cafe.jpg

The Cambridge Cafe

The Cambridge Cafe is where comfort meets culinary delight. The warm ambiance invites you in, and the menu promises an array of dishes that are a feast for the senses. It’s a place where every meal feels like a special occasion.

Bean & Bud.jpg

Bean & Bud

Calling all coffee geeks! This one's for you. From their extensive selection of single-origin roasts to their skilled baristas, Bean & Bud is serious about quality. If you love to chat about coffee (or just want to taste the good stuff), head on over.


Jenny's Tea Shop

Imagine basking in the summer sun, a gentle breeze accompanying your outdoor meal. Jenny’s Tea Shop is the quintessential spot for this, offering a selection of specialty teas and coffee, along with freshly baked scones and cakes that taste like home.

Hoxton North.jpg

Hoxton North

If you love a bit of a buzz, Hoxton North is the place to be. They get extra points for their beautifully designed interior (all exposed brick and cool lighting). It's a great place to grab a quick, delicious coffee, or linger with friends over brunch.

The Wild Plum.jpg

The Wild Plum

This place is a little ray of sunshine! Cosy decor, friendly staff, and beautifully prepared, wholesome food. They're big on seasonal and local ingredients, so the menu always feels fresh and exciting. If you're searching for a healthy and delicious breakfast or lunch, this is your haven.

Palm Court Cafe.jpg

Palm Court Cafe


It’s the warmth of the welcome that sets Palm Court Cafe apart. Here, the friendly staff serve up smiles with a side of hot and cold beverages, homemade cakes, and sandwiches. The serene atmosphere makes it an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mama Doreen's Emporium.jpg

Mama Doreen's Emporium

Now, this one is full of whimsy and vintage charm. Imagine quirky teacups, mismatched furniture, and a burst of color everywhere you look. The cakes are homemade and absolutely divine, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. It's a little slice of teatime magic.



This beauty brings a slice of Scandi-chic to Harrogate. Think minimalist wooden tables, clean lines, and absolutely heavenly pastries. Their cinnamon buns are the stuff of legend, and all their coffee is brewed with love and care. It's a perfect spot for a slow, delicious morning.

Santorini Express.jpg

Santorini Express

They offer a wide selection of traditional Greek Street Food favorites, including authentic Greek Gyros, homemade Greek dips, and even homemade beef, spicy lamb, and vegetarian burgers. Their menu also includes gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences.



A mediterranean cuisine, famous for its olives, bread, cheese, and wine, originates from the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This region is known for producing the finest olive oil and encompasses a variety of cultures with unique culinary traditions, including Italian, Greek, French, and Spanish. The enthusiasts of this rich culinary heritage are passionate about cooking.

Taverna Harrogate.jpg

Taverna Harrogate

Taverna Harrogate has established itself as a renowned Greek restaurant in Harrogate. Their commitment to serving the finest Greek gyros and delivering exceptional customer service is unwavering. Since their establishment in 2019, they have diligently strived to offer an authentic taste of Greece to all their patrons in Harrogate.


Oliveta Harrogate

Delicious Mediterranean cuisine with traditional recipes from Albania, Italy, and Greece, offering an incredible mix of flavors, including vegetarian dishes. You can view the full range of menus and order online or book a table.

Mykonos Bar and Grill.jpg

Mykonos Bar and Grill

They offer a wide selection of beloved Greek Street Food classics, including genuine Greek Gyros, delectable homemade Greek dips, and even their own creations like beef, spicy lamb, and vegetarian burgers. Additionally, they cater to various dietary preferences with gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices.



Mediterranean cuisine, renowned for its olives, bread, cheese, and wine, is the culinary tradition of the Mediterranean Sea region. It is also known for producing exceptional olive oil. This diverse region encompasses various cultures with unique cuisines, notably Italian, Greek, French, and Spanish. As proud members of this region, cooking is our utmost passion.




For delicious tapas-style Italian small plates and an exciting wine list. Perfect for sharing and trying lots of different flavors. Stylish and modern, with a social and lively atmosphere.

Al Bivio Italian Restaurant.jpg

Al Bivio Italian Restaurant

The place for homemade pasta! Al Bivio prides itself on fresh,

made-to-order pasta, plus a beautiful glass-fronted space to enjoy it in. Airy and modern space with a focus on the fresh food – perfect for a sunshine-filled lunch or family dinner.



Fine dining with a real taste of Emilia Romagna. Their food gets rave reviews, and they offer something a little fancier for those nights you want to dress up and treat yourself. Stylish and sophisticated, a great place for a date night or a special occasion.

Buon Gusto.jpg

Buon Gusto

A classic neighborhood Italian spot with a warm welcome, generous portions, and all your favorites on the menu. think exposed brickwork,

family-style dining, and the friendly bustle of a well-loved restaurant.

Vivido Bar & Restaurant.jpg

Vivido Bar & Restaurant

Authentic Italian flavors with a lively atmosphere. They've got a great cocktail list too, so it's the perfect place to start an evening out. Sleek and contemporary, with a friendly and energetic hum of conversation.

Gianni's Brio Restaurant.jpg

Gianni's Brio Restaurant

A longstanding Harrogate favorite, loved for their warm hospitality and a traditional menu that hits the spot. Friendly and welcoming, like stepping into an Italian family's dining room.

Shoulder of Mutton.jpg

Shoulder of Mutton

If you are seeking an authentic village pub experience and craving a delightful Sunday lunch in Harrogate, search no more. The welcoming embrace of Shoulder of Mutton awaits, inviting you to unwind and indulge in their genuine country pub ambiance.

Three's A Crowd.jpg

Three's A Crowd

A haven for quality British cuisine crafted with the finest ingredients. Savor our ever-changing menu and carefully curated wine selection. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every dish. Dogs are welcome. Bring your taste buds and canine companions for a memorable dining experience.

The Square and Compass.jpg

The Pine Marten

Located in the heart of the charming and picturesque village of North Rigton, The Square and Compass is the ideal destination for a delightful Sunday lunch in Harrogate. Renowned for their exceptional roast dinners, The Square and Compass takes great pride in serving one of the finest culinary experiences in the area.

The Coach & Horses.jpg

The Coach & Horses

This spot is a legend in Harrogate, and with good reason! Their Sunday Roast is what weekends were made for. Cozy up in the traditional pub atmosphere and savor the flavors of their carefully prepared meats and all the fixings. It's pure British comfort food.

West Park.jpg

The Square and Compass

This products can be traced from the field to the fork, ensuring complete transparency. This level of quality is hard to beat. If this alone doesn't tempt you to visit the West Park, a highly regarded place for Sunday lunch in Harrogate, then maybe the delectable dishes from their kitchen, which has been awarded an AA Rosette, will.

William & Victoria.jpg

William & Victoria

This wine bar and restaurant also does a mean Sunday roast. They focus on quality cuts of meat and interesting sides. It's a great pick if you want a relaxed, wine-focused lunch alongside your roast.


Lily Pad

This haven of plant-based cuisine will make you feel like you've stepped into a secret garden. Think delicate flavors, vibrant colors, and dishes so beautiful you'll want to take a picture before diving in – their artistic plating is almost as delicious as the food itself!

Quirky Farm Bistro.jpg

Quirky Farm Bistro

Imagine dining in a cozy, converted barn with food sourced straight from the fields around you. That's the experience here – you can practically taste the freshness in every bite. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are the star, transformed into hearty, comforting dishes that will warm you from the inside out.

Giggling Squid.jpg

Giggling Squid

Don't be fooled by the name, they offer a seriously impressive vegan take on Thai cuisine. Get ready for flavor explosions! Expect zesty curries, fragrant stir-fries, and enough spice to leave you grinning from ear to ear – they don't skimp on the heat!

Nomad Cafe.jpg

Nomad Cafe

This spot is for the adventurous vegan with a global palate. They change their menu often, experimenting with exciting flavors from around the world – you never know what culinary surprise awaits you! Come with an open mind and an empty stomach!

Falafet Hut.jpg

Falafet Hut

Sometimes you just need a big, messy dose of Middle Eastern comfort food. The Falafet Hut will deliver! Fluffy pitas, creamy hummus, and those perfectly crisp, herb-packed falafels – enough said! Don't forget a side of their tangy pickles for the complete experience.

Farm House.jpg

Farm House

Picture a bustling farmhouse kitchen where the smell of fresh bread fills the air. That's what you'll find here: Classic British dishes with a delicious vegan twist – it's comfort food at its best! Think fluffy Yorkshire puddings, hearty vegetable stews, and desserts that'll bring back childhood memories.

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